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Free application for game mods

Modio is a free app that lets you download and save modified game files on external storage devices to play on Xbox consoles: Xbox 360. Developed and released by GameTuts, the file management software is compatible with Microsoft Windows PC computers and laptops on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

The popular freeware

Modio is a lightweight tool that does not require a lot of storage space on PCs. The free download offers a feature-filled user experience. Modio has an intuitive user interface that is simple and similar in appearance to that of a Microsoft website browser. The program displays a ‘New Tab’ window when you launch the utility.

The first screen promotes various advertisements: videos, tweets, etc. The program shows the current number of saves that are being shared, the number of users that are signed into Modio, etc. There is additional information on this page that can further bring you into Modio. You can access the live chat feature to talk with Modio members.

A guide is available on the home screen to help you learn how to start using Modio. You can login and sign out in the upper right portion of the main window. Your username will be presented in the top corner when you sign into Modio. You can click on the ‘Upgrade to VIP’ button to change your membership plan.

Free admission into Modio requires your email and password. You do not need to pay any fees. There are options available at the bottom of the screen: ‘Games you can mod’, ‘News Feed’, ‘Open a Save’, and ‘Settings’. ‘News Feed’ is the default view. The ‘Open a Save’ page has a variety of options to choose from: ‘Recent’, ‘USB Stick’, ‘Download saves’, ‘Browse’, and ‘More’.

Manage game mods

If you click on ‘Download saves’, then you can browse through a selection of game mods within different categories. You can search for specific games by clicking on the ‘Search’ button. If you want to discover new game saves, then you can press ‘Featured’, ‘New’, ‘Popular’, ‘Popular now’, ‘Top’, ‘Trending’, etc. The ‘Popular now’ area features the most popular saves of each week.

There will be columns of created game save files. Modio supports a multitude of gaming titles: Call of Duty, GTA, Minecraft, Terraria, etc. You can see the number of points and downloads that each title has before clicking on the mods. There will be important information listed in the system for each mod: size, upload date, likes, dislikes, etc. 

A summary follows the title and creator of the mod. You can see the total downloads and the downloads and points from the week. There are buttons available at the bottom of the UI: ‘More’, ‘Share’, ‘Report’, and ‘Reviews’. You can check the reviews to better understand the legitimacy of the modified game. There is even a space to submit your own review.

The ‘Download’ button is in the lower right portion of the window. A loading bar will appear after the download button has been pressed. A new tab with the downloaded game mod will automatically appear. You can save the mod onto your account and external storage device: stick drive. A notification will arise when the save has been successfully completed.

You can verify that the game loaded onto the USB by entering into the ‘USB Stick’ section on the main window. You can get to the home screen by exiting out of all the active tabs. Modio will show how much space is left on the USB drive. You can explore the external device by clicking on the button beneath the storage percentage bar.

You can see the gaming titles that are associated with your account when you click on your image. If the save is successful, then the downloaded game mod will be within the correlated game title. You can view screenshots of the title. Modio lets you view where you originally got the download. You also receive other saves for the game.

Xbox 360 console and Modio

You can plug your pen drive into your Xbox console to access the downloaded mods. Modio functions with Xbox 360 devices: console, controller, etc. You can use Modio to alter existing files or download new saves. Modio is a feature-filled freeware that lets you gather achievements, ratings, votes, experience points, etc.

Alternative gaming services

Better DS3, ISO2God, MotionInJoy DS3 Tool, ScpToolkit, and Sixaxis Controller are comparable apps. Better DS3 functions as an offline driver utility that enhances the gaming experience on PCs by functioning as a controller. Better DS3 is completely compatible with MotionInJoy. You can use PlayStation 3 controllers and PCs with MotionInJoy. The program lets you play PC games with the controller.

ISO2GoD can improve the speed and quality of Xbox games by converting them from ISO formats to Games on Demand formats: GoD. ScpToolkit is developed for Xbox 360 gamepads. Unlike Better DS3 and MotionInJoy, ScpToolkit is a paid platform. Sixaxis Controller lets you use a variety of game controllers with Android mobile phones. You can download Sixaxis for free.

PC and Xbox modding tool

Modio lets you connect with a global community. You can chat with Modio members, reply to comments on their game mods, etc. The downloaded mods can be saved onto your hardware, memory card, and USB stick. You can conveniently transfer the saved games onto your Xbox console. The clean user interface lets you easily discover new mods to enhance your skills, beat new levels, etc.

What’s new?

The developers of Modio released a statement that they were not going to be releasing new updated versions of Modio. While the development of Modio from the original publishers has ceased, you can still install the latest version for free.


  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Lots of features
  • Interactive user interface
  • Provides a built-in user manual


  • Not cross-platform
  • Ceased development of original app

Program available in other languages

Modio for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 5.3
  • 3.6
  • (4)
  • Security Status

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